Off to Oxford (England, That Is)

Senior Lauren Parkinson recently has been accepted to the Oxford Honors Scholars Program at Georgetown College in Kentucky.  In order to qualify for this program, she had to have a 28 or higher ACT score and a cumulative un-weighted high school GPA of 3.75. Lauren also had to attend a special program orientation and to interview on Georgetown’s campus.  As a result of her acceptance, she will be awarded a $1,000 yearly scholarship above and beyond any academic awards she receives.

This great honor, however, will require Parkinson to work “above and beyond” the average college student; on top of the credit hours she must earn in order to complete her chosen major, Lauren will also be part of the “Oxford Honors” track of the Honors Program, which requires her to maintain a 3.75 overall G.P.A, to complete 15 hours of Honors Credit, and to write an Honors Thesis, among several other expectations. She will also be assigned a professor as an adviser, and they will have regular meetings and communications, mirroring the Tutorial Method of instruction used at Oxford University. The reward for all of this, though, is that Lauren will have the opportunity to travel to Oxford, England, to attend one term of study at Regent’s Park College during her junior or senior year.

Congratulations, Lauren!

We Got Game

Congratulations to the Varsity Boys’ basketball team for their performance in last week’s Class AAAA tournament!  They won every game except the last, only narrowly falling to MRA by 3 points in overtime. But, that’s not the end of the story…

Because they placed as runner-ups in the Class Tournament, tomorrow the Varsity Boys’ basketball team moves on to play in the MAIS overall tournament at Mississippi College; they will face Parklane beginning at 7:15 PM. Once again, we need all our Cougar fans to show up, get loud, and cheer our team on to victory.  In this tournament, it’s win or go home, and we want Hillcrest to bring home that golden ball trophy!

Baseball season also “hits the ground running” this week!  We will face Newton tomorrow here at home, time to be announced, and there are 2 more games this week as well.

One more — rather important — thing to remember: 9 Weeks’ Exams take place Tuesday through Friday of this week.  Parents, please remind your athletes and/or fans to spend time studying.  While we want to excel in and support athletics, academics still come first.

Student Spotlight – Anna Tilghman

Anna Tilghman knows what it feels like to be “the new girl,” so she makes an effort to get along with everyone with whom she crosses paths.  She is also driven to do this by 1 Corinthians 16:14, her favorite Bible verse, which states, ” Let all that you do be done in love.” Anna came to Hillcrest in her 9th-grade year, and her easy-going nature and bright smile helped her make friends easily.  Furthermore, she joined ranks with the One Spirit One Sound band, giving her a sense of belonging to the HCS family almost immediately; now in her senior year, Anna is the trombone section leader.

Outside of school, Anna enjoys being with her family and friends, especially when she can travel with them.  One of her favorite memories from her time at HCS happened when the band made the long bus ride to Orlando last year, and then marched in a parade at Disney World as part of the park’s Performing Arts Series. Not only was it an honor for the band as a whole, but it was extra special to Anna because her best friends were there with her, along with her two favorite teachers, who happen to be “band moms” as well.  Anna says that Mrs. Browning and Mrs. Massey “are always there for you. They’re outgoing and can make you laugh; they’re the ‘Dynamic Duo’.”  Anna also counts the band’s taking top honors at the Copiah Marching Festival in 2016 for the third year in a row as an important memory; she says, “I’ll never forget the feeling, hearing that we won overall again.”

As her high school years draw to a close, Anna advises her classmates and lower classmen to “keep God first in everything, and you will be successful in all that you do.”  These wise words will no doubt help her as she attends Hinds Community College next year, and then goes to Mississippi College in order to major in pre-med.

And the Winner Is…

Yesterday, HCS held the 7th through 9th grade Science Fair.  Congratulations to the following winners:

Annellise Bell, Samantha McWilliams, Kamina Griffin, Sancenia Johnson, Allie Peoples,                         Lorien Harvey, Beth Hammill, Joe McAfee, Micah Parkinson, Josh Canoy, Caitlyn McNamee,                 Marie Shuff, Peyton Foil, Callie Matthews, Luke Tynes, Kaylee Walker, Austin Day, Leah Wells, Kaylyn Turner, Trinity Powell, Abigail Browning, Aliza Williams, Olivia Peoples, Aaliyah Newsome, Addie Cothern, Maddison Hughes, Tyler Estabrook, B.J. Powe, Jessica Bewley, Reagan Chandler

Science Fair

Hillcrest’s annual science fair for grades 7 through 9 was held in the high school gym this morning.  A wide variety of projects were presented in the following categories: botany, chemistry, earth/space, & environmental sciences, engineering, medicine & health, microbiology, physics, and zoology.

Many parents who have helped (or consoled) their children through the numerous steps of completing a science fair project have wondered, “What is the purpose of this?!”  Science fair projects allow students to be responsible for their own learning, not relying on a teacher to tell them what they need to know, through basic research and practice of the scientific method. These projects also involve skills learned in other subjects, including writing and speaking skills when they write their reports and discuss their projects with the judges, art when they creatively display their findings on their boards, and math often factors into projects when students have to calculate and create charts and percentages.  Furthermore, according to the Science Buddies website, “Our society relies more on science every day, and science fairs are a great way for students to become more knowledgeable about how the world around them works. Every citizen needs sufficient science literacy to make educated decisions about what he or she reads in the media, about health care, and about other every-day problems.”  Congratulations, students and parents, on surviving this educational rite of passage!