Student Spotlight – Brandon Howard

Brandon Howard came to Hillcrest at the start of his 9th-grade year and quickly gained a reputation as a bit of a “wild child and class clown.”  His sense of humor may have gotten him in trouble in the past, but now as a senior, Brandon has a much better understanding of when being “the funny guy” is appropriate and when it is not.  He has matured in other ways as well, such as taking his school work much more seriously than he did in past years.  In fact, he advises lower classmen, “Don’t wait ’til the last minute to study for tests or complete assignments.” This is especially good advice as he gets ever closer to conquering what he and most HCS seniors consider to be the greatest challenge of their high-school careers: Mrs. Noble’s research paper. Brandon states, “Having to accurately cite each quote and make my content interesting is difficult, but I’ll be fine.”

Brandon has enjoyed playing baseball and football as a Cougar, and his favorite memory happened during his junior year “when the football team made it to the playoffs.  The amount of excitement and energy coming from the locker room was so intense.”  And while his athletic career might be drawing to a close, his plans for success are not.  First, he plans to keep his favorite Bible verse, John 3:16, as an important part of his life because it reminds him “of the sacrifices God made for us and how much he loves us.”  Then, after his graduation in May, Brandon plans to attend Jackson State University, where he will major in biology and then go into the field of nursing.