Important: Improvements Underway, Take Action Today!

Attention, parents:  In our continued efforts to improve our upper and lower school cafeterias’ efficiency and to make them more “user friendly,” we now have lunch management software which provides parents and students a safe and secure way to pay for student meals online!!  The product we have selected and employed is EZ School Apps, and parents, rather than having to run up to the school in the middle of your busy day to give your child lunch money or getting a hefty bill at the end of the term, now you can pay from any browser using EZ Parent Center!!  Once you are signed up, you will be able to do the following easily:

  • deposit money into your student’s account any time and anywhere
  • view your student’s account balance 24/7
  • track your student’s payments and purchases
  • and more!!

Please click on THIS LINK (which will also be listed under “Forms, Documents & Links”) and follow the directions listed in the document in order to set up your account TODAY.

Also, we know that students are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their 2017 – 2018 class schedules; we are in the process of importing all data into a new school-wide grading system which will provide parents (and teachers and students!) with “a full-featured, cloud-based solution” that enables them to stay engaged in their children’s education and performance, including grades, attendance records, teacher notes, conduct infractions, calendars, assignments and more.  Though it will take some time for teachers and staff to learn all the “ins and outs” of using our new system, MSP, soon parents will more easily be able to keep track of their children’s progress without having to interrupt teachers’ instructional (or personal) time in order to request information.  Please keep checking this website regularly, along with all Hillcrest social media, for ever-changing information.

We are excited about these (and even more!) improvements, as well as about a new school year!!