Step Out in Faith!

As we approach the halfway point of the first term of a new school year, it is helpful to remember that while Hillcrest prepares our students academically for success in college, above all, this school is committed to being Christ-centered, rooted in unchanging Biblical truths, and to leading students to view life from a Christian perspective.  To this end, chapel services are an essential element of the overall education of all young people who attend HCS, beginning in the lowest levels of the elementary school and extending through their high school graduation.

Growth in character and conduct, rooted in Christian values, are fundamental to the mission of our school; therefore, spiritual life at HCS carries through the classrooms, the playing fields, and the halls every day.  In order to ensure this occurs, God’s Word is introduced at the Lower School level, with an emphasis on living by the behavior principles promoted in the Bible.  This lays the foundation for understanding the Biblical concepts which are taught when our students reach Upper School: discipleship, godly discretion, wisdom and discernment.  However, the ultimate focus of chapel in Upper School is to encourage each student’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Upper School chapel programs typically include devotions and teachings given by faculty or guest speakers, but some of the most meaningful and memorable experiences come from our students themselves.  When their peers share how God is working in their lives, young people feel a greater connection to one another, helping them to realize that they are not alone.

Upper School students are encouraged, if you feel the Lord’s leading, to share your faith during this year’s chapel assemblies.  If you would like to lead in worship, or to pray, or to give your testimony, please talk to Coach Horner.  “Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.” – 1 Timothy 4:12

Important: Upcoming Testing for 10th, 11th, 12th Graders

Parents, in an effort to ensure that our students are well prepared to enter college, the Upper School requires the following achievement / college entrance exams for our 10th through 12th grade students:

Seniors will take the ACT here at Hillcrest on Tuesday, October 3rd.  The cost of this test is $46.00, due by Friday, September 29th.

Juniors will also take the ACT on October 3rd, and they will take the PSAT here at HCS on the following Wednesday, October 11th.  The cost of these two tests is $62.00 ($46.00 for the ACT and $16.00 for the PSAT).  Again, these fees are due by Friday, September 29th.

Sophomores will take the PSAT along with the junior class on October 11th.  The cost for them is $16.00, also due by Friday, September 29th.

Checks should be made out to Hillcrest Christian School — please put your child’s grade and which test(s) they will be taking in the memo line — and should be brought to the school counselor, Mr. Ritter.

Study Skills for School Success

Middle School students grow accustomed to hearing these words from their teachers: “Don’t forget to study for your test tomorrow,” but many of them don’t truly know how to study.  This is the reason Hillcrest’s 7th graders are required to take a semester of Study Skills.

In middle school, students are expected to do their work more independently than they may have during their elementary-school years; this requires analytical skills your child may not have developed yet, such as getting organized, taking good notes, and making plans before actually sitting down to study.  Furthermore, as children become more independent, they are less likely to ask parents for advice or help.  Often they will have to go through some trial and error to come up with the methods most compatible with their individual learning styles.  Study Skills is a class designed specifically to help 7th graders discover those methods and to help them succeed in junior high, high school, and beyond.

Below are pictures of Mrs. McCrory’s students working in groups to create posters of the study strategies they have recently learned and will soon be putting into practice.