Reformation Day

On this day in 1517 — 500 years ago — scholar and monk Martin Luther is said to have nailed 95 theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany. Though he had many complaints about corruption in the Catholic Church of his time, Luther’s main ideas were that the Bible is the central religious authority and that people may reach salvation only by their faith and the grace of God; Christians could not buy or earn their way into heaven. This eventually led to a split with the Roman Catholic Church and the birth of Protestantism and greater freedom of religion and expression.

As part of their study of some of the great thinkers and writers of the Reformation, Mrs. Noble’s English classes were treated to her dressing up as a monk and changing her classroom door into the door of the Wittenberg church. It not only surprised but delighted her students, especially since she brought some  homemade snacks too!

Fourth-Grade Fun

What a fun day!  Today Hillcrest’s 4th graders grabbed their partners and do-si-do’ed their way around the elementary gym for the annual hoedown.  Special thanks to Mrs. McDonald for her hard work in putting it all together.

Where Are They Now? – Jesse Bingham, Miss Mississippi College

Jesse Bingham, Valedictorian of the Class of 2014, took the title of first runner-up at the Miss Mississippi College Pageant in February of this year. After putting in a great deal of hard work to become Miss MC, she was disappointed in coming so close to achieving her goal; but when the pageant’s winner made the decision to transfer to another university, Jesse inherited the title of reigning Miss Mississippi College 2017.

During her time as Miss MC, Jesse will be a university ambassador; she has served as a Welcome Week student leader, plays a visible role and greets fans at all Choctaws football games, and she recently rode in the college’s Homecoming Parade, among other duties.

Congratulations on your accomplishment, Jesse!

Student Spotlight – Rasheed Griffin

Senior Rasheed Griffin is finishing his third and final year at Hillcrest; this soft-spoken and friendly young man joined the Hillcrest family at the start of his sophomore year.  Rasheed — or “Sheeeeed” as he is known in the Upper School halls — plays on the tennis team, and he is a member of the percussion section of the One Spirit One Sound band.  He states that joining the band has been his favorite part of being at Hillcrest, and that “they are the greatest family I have.”

Outside of school Rasheed enjoys serving at church and mentoring others; this allows him to share the qualities which he believes to be his greatest strengths: his kindness and willingness to love others.  These characteristics also fit with his favorite Bible verse, Romans 1:16, which states, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”  Rasheed treasures this verse because it tells believers “not to be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.”

As he gets closer to graduating and leaving Hillcrest, Rasheed has this advice for lower classmen: “Keep going, you guys got this! And, never stop being you.” This is easier to do at HCS than maybe at other schools, he states, because students receive “support from everyone,” including “all the teachers I’ve met and had.”  Finally, Rasheed intends to use his musical talents to show that same support to others in the future; he is going to attend Jones County Junior College and major in band. He plans to be a music teacher and a church worship leader.

Band Blasts Competition

Congratulations to the One Spirit One Sound band for their all-superior performances in two recent marching competitions!  At the Copiah Marching Competition OSOS took 2nd place overall and best percussion; then, at this past weekend’s Wayne County Marching Competition they took 2nd place in their class.

This year’s field show is called “iBand,” and you have one more opportunity to see it if you haven’t yet: the band will perform in the MAIS Marching Competition at Jackson Academy on Saturday, November 4th.