Student Spotlight – Hayley McCann

Hayley McCann has spent the majority of her life at Hillcrest Christian School; this senior has been attending HCS for 13 years. Hayley is a member of Honor Society and the color guard, and she plays soccer and has been a member of the archery team. Outside of school, one of her greatest accomplishments has been trying out for and successfully earning a place as a member of the Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps for the 2016 and 2017 summer seasons; this requires a great deal of hard work and dedication over a period of 3 months, often practicing and performing from dawn until dusk, 7 days a week.

Hayley believes her best characteristics are her willingness to stand up for herself as well as for others when they need or want help. Still, she understands that if people aren’t determined and willing to work, they won’t achieve their goals; her advice to her peers and to underclassmen is “Work hard every day in everything you do, and never take anything for granted because life moves by quickly.” Her favorite Bible verse — Psalm 102:11-12 — also reminds Hayley that time is short; it states, “My life passes as swiftly as the evening shadows. I am withering away like grass. But you, O Lord, will sit on your throne forever. Your fame will endure to every generation.” She says these words likewise stress God’s power over her own and show her that “I should never try to live my life alone, but always live it through him.”Throughout her years here, Hayley says Hillcrest has been an encouraging place to further her walk with God, and that HCS has also provided her with caring teachers whom she has always known she could talk to (such as her favorite teacher since K-5, Mrs. Michael). After she graduates in May, Hayley plans to attend East Mississippi Community College and then to transfer to Mississippi State University to major in Wildlife Agriculture Conservation. She hopes eventually to move to Texas and to become a Wildlife Biologist.