Student Spotlight – Tad Hammill

Senior Tad Hammill has been attending Hillcrest for 14 years; he was a baritone player in the One Spirit One Sound band for 6 years, and he just finished another season with the Cougar soccer team. Outside of school, Tad enjoys watching Netflix and hanging out with friends; he also plays guitar. In fact, he believes his ability to quickly learn to play different musical instruments is one of his strengths. He also says that “making stuff up” as he goes is another one of his talents. Those who know him well probably wouldn’t state it quite the same way, but they would say that Tad doesn’t stress out about much of anything; he does his best and realizes that sometimes he might fail, but his failures do not define him. As a result, things just seem to work out in his life.

Tad has a laid-back outlook on life and an understanding nature; these are the same qualities he likes about his favorite Hillcrest teacher. He states that Mrs. Massey is “pretty chill and nice. She is also the best teacher I’ve had at this school.” Even his favorite Bible verse exemplifies this characteristic of doing your best, yet going with the flow: Ecclesiastes 7:23 states, “All this I tested by wisdom and I said, ‘I am determined to be wise’– but this was beyond me.” Tad relates that he read this verse at “Outback once, and my mom said it sounded like me. So, it stuck.”

Tad is not lazy, however; he simply deals with each day when it comes along. His advice to lower classmen reflects that. He says, “Focus on one thing at a time so you don’t lose your mind.” Nevertheless, he is planning for his future, though he has not yet definitively settled on a field of study or career. Tad is considering studying cosmetology to become a barber; he also is thinking about going to Delta State in the fall to major in audio engineering or graphic design. No matter what he chooses to do, Tad is going to be, and do, just fine.