Varsity Basketball South State AAA Champs!

They did it again! Both of our varsity basketball teams took South State! Big shout outs to Kendal Bankston, Aaliyah Dixon, Jazmyn Ellis, and Katie Martin for being selected to the girls’ 3A South State All-Tournament Team. A-a-a-a-a-and congratulations to Kenneth Beverly, Darien Newchurch, JD Ransom, and Harrison Carr for being selected to the boys’ 3A South State All-Tournament team.

Now we need our Cougar fans to head to Columbia Academy to watch them take State!

Varsity Boys play Tuesday versus Lee Academy at 4:00 PM; if they win this round, they will play again Friday at 7:15 PM. Varsity Girls also play Tuesday versus Starkville Academy at 5:15 PM; if they win, they will play again Friday at 2:15 PM.