Meaningful Economics

Last Thursday, March 22nd, 4th and 5th grade students, accompanied by Mrs. Stegall and Mrs. Watts, traveled to Millsaps College to compete in the ME* Competition hosted by the Mississippi Council on Economic Education. In the Meaningful Economics Competition, students competed in three areas—basic skills, production, and problem solving. In the basic skills portion, students were tested on their basic knowledge of economics, personal finance and entrepreneurship. During production the students were tested on their ability to work together as a team and follow instructions. In the final portion of the competition, the problem solving activity, students were tested on creativity and cooperation by working together to solve a problem and create an advertising campaign.

Congratulations to one of our fourth-grade teams; they placed 1st in the fourth-grade division! They are pictured left to right on the front row—Savannah Morton, Kannon Cowart, Hallie Alexander, and Kayla Epperson, along with their teacher, Mrs. Stegall. Way to go, girls!