ACT and PSAT for Seniors and Juniors

Did you know that the ACT is taken more than any other college entrance exam in the nation, and that it is accepted by all US colleges and universities? However, the ACT is more than just a test to determine if students are ready for college, as it also includes a career planning component. Furthermore, Hillcrest requires all seniors to be accepted to a college before they receive their diplomas; this means that taking the ACT is a must for our graduates. These are just a few of the reasons HCS is beginning a school-wide push to promote improvement on this increasingly important exam. First, we have created an ACT-Prep class this year, which we hope to offer to all high-school students as the program grows. Next, upper-school teachers are incorporating more ACT practice into their regular classwork. Even much of the lower school will be focusing on ACT, using the data from our annual Aspire testing to determine the skills which need to be worked on so that they will make their best scores once they reach high school and begin taking the exam.

One step which Hillcrest has taken for many years is to require students in the upper grades to take the ACT during both the fall and spring weekday testing dates. Seniors and Juniors will take the ACT on Tuesday, October 2nd. There is no need for students to register on the ACT website for this testing date, as HCS has already taken care of that process. However, each 11th and 12th-grade student must still pay for the exam; please send payment — $46.00, checks may be made out to HCS — no later than Monday, October 1st.

Also, our Juniors will be taking the PSAT on Wednesday, October 10th. This is not used for college admissions; however, it does allow students to practice for the SAT and provides numerous scholarship opportunities. The PSAT is given to 11th-graders during a mandatory weekday testing date; again, Hillcrest takes care of the registration, but we need parents to pay for the exam. Please send $16.00 for this no later than Friday, October 5th, and if you would like to write only one check for both exams, the total will be $62.00.