Using and Giving Gifts for God’s Glory

During both Lower and Upper School chapel today, Hillcrest’s student body was reminded that being able to speak the name of Jesus is a gift that many people throughout the world will never receive. Beyond that, our speakers encouraged each of us to use the gifts God has already given us — whether that is making music, playing sports, leading and encouraging others, whatever! — not for ourselves, but for His glory and building His kingdom: “You do not have to change what you’re doing in your life, you just have to change who you’re doing it for.”

Corey and Lindsay Hughes are dear friends of our very own Mrs. Kristi James, and 4 years ago, they realized that the Lord was leading them to the small island of Exuma in the Bahamas. “Without ever hearing or knowing anything about this country, we took a leap of faith…. During our visit we discovered a huge need for spiritual resources along with many physical ones. We discovered a country with a need for more people to become the hands and feet of Jesus…. With obedience, we have committed to serving the people of Exuma in any way, shape, or form that God desires.” Currently, they are focused on bringing Christ-centered after school programs and activities to Exuma’s children through Bible studies, community service, dance, and baseball, along with other ministries. Their ultimate goal is to train up a generation of young boys to be mighty warriors for Christ by sharing the truth about the gospel in love.

In an effort to help their ministry, Hillcrest is “adopting” 9 Innings as our Christmas mission project this year. Coach Foreman and the baseball team members have already begun to collect items toward this end, but the entire HCS family will be asked to help in the days to come. Please be on the lookout for more information, and in the meantime, pray for this family and for how each of us can contribute to helping them spread the love of Jesus throughout the world.

Baseball/Football Pork Butt Fundraiser

Do you get tired of cooking during the busy holiday season? Do you wish there were an easier way to feed the family? Do you like pork?! Our baseball and football teams have the answer to these burning questions.

Follow the link below to the order form for the Baseball/Football Pork Butt Fundraiser.  Support Cougar sports by placing your order no later than Wednesday, December 5th.  Pickup dates are 12/20 – 12/22.  By the way, they freeze great too!



Important: Soccer Schedule Change

We have a change to announce for two of the scheduled soccer games: Our games with Canton Academy will “flip flop.” In other words, the game scheduled for this Thursday, November 29th, will be here at home rather than away, and the game scheduled for home on January 17th will be played at Canton Academy.  As of right now, all other details remain the same.

Please make note of these changes on your schedule.