Hillcrest Christian School to Offer Computer Science Courses with Amazon Future Engineer

Hillcrest Christian School is now part of the Amazon Future Engineer program and will receive funding from Amazon to start offering computer science classes to students this Fall. Hillcrest is one of more than 1,000 schools across the country currently signed up for Amazon Future Engineer, a national program aimed at making computer science accessible to all students.  

With Amazon Future Engineer’s funding, HCS will offer Intro. to Computer Science classes through curriculum provider Edhesive.  Amazon’s funding provides preparatory lessons, tutorials and professional development for teachers, fully sequenced and paced digital curriculum for students, and live online support every day of the week.  These courses are designed to inspire, prepare, and propel students in their pursuit of computer science education. All participating students will receive a free membership to AWS Educate, which gives them free access to computing power in the AWS Cloud for their coding projects along with content to learn about cloud computing.

“We are thrilled to have the support of Amazon to give our students this opportunity as they prepare to apply to college and build the skills for a rewarding career in technology and innovation,” said Mrs. Browning, Technology Instructor.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computer science-related jobs available, but only 400,000 computer science graduates with the skills to apply for those jobs.  Computer Science is the fastest growing profession within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) field, and we are excited to be able to put Hillcrest students at the forefront of this rapidly growing field.


Varsity Boys “Got Game”!

Congratulations to the Cougar Boys’ Basketball team! They finished 2nd in the State AAA Tournament last week and now advance to the MAIS Overall Tourney at Mississippi College. As a result, they play tonight vs Copiah at 5:45pm. We need all Cougar fans to show up in Hillcrest blue and get loud in support of our team!

Congratulations also go to our Lady Cougars Basketball team; they placed 4th in the State AAA Tournament! Though their season is ended, we are so proud of their hard work over the past several months. Congrats to all coaches and players.

Hillcrest Students Rock the Reading Fair!

Congratulations to the following students who placed in the District Reading Fair, hosted here at Hillcrest’s Lower School gym, on Wednesday:

Jillian Hall, 6th grade – 1st place character portrayal, fiction

Wesley Lindsey, 6th grade – 1st place character portrayal AND 1st place in 6th-grade project, non-fiction

Colby Zillinger, 4th grade – 1st place character portrayal AND 2nd place in 4th-grade project, fiction

Dominique Austin, 6th grade – 2nd place in 6th-grade project, non-fiction

Price Foil, 6th grade – 3rd place in 6th-grade project, fiction

Kayla Epperson, 5th grade – 2nd place character portrayal AND 2nd place in 5th-grade project, fiction

Teagan Hammond, 5th grade – 2nd place character portrayal AND 3rd place in 5th-grade project, non-fiction

Campbell Hargett, 5th grade (not pictured) – 3rd place in 5th-grade project, fiction

Drew Ross, 5th grade – 3rd place character portrayal AND 2nd place in 5th-grade project, non-fiction

First and second place winners in the project category now have the opportunity to advance to the State Competition in April; we are so proud of all of our Reading Fair winners!

Hillcrest loves grandparents!

On Wednesday, February 13th, Hillcrest’s Lower School hosted a very special program to honor some very special people in our students’ lives. Grandparents were treated to songs and artwork from each grade, and snacks served by the 6th grade; plus, they were invited to join our brand new “Grand Cougar Club.” Over 165 grandparents attended, and we look forward to this program growing bigger each year!

“When God created grandparents, the world was truly blessed with all the special joys that make a family happiest…. For grandparents know how to do the things that warm a heart. They touch our lives with loving care right from the very start. Grandparents make the world a little softer, a little kinder, a little warmer.”

3rd Quarter Progress Reports Are Ready

After you log in to MSP, hover over “Modules” in the blue bar at the top of the page.

A light blue, larger bar should appear. Under “Academics,” click on “Progress Reports.”

A new screen appears, where you will find this icon:

Click on that to download your child’s progress report for Quarter 3.

Once you click on the downloaded file, you may simply view it, or you may print it.