Spiritual Emphasis

Hillcrest Christian believes that spiritual growth is fundamental to the broader development of each member of the HCS family. However, the school is not under the direction, influence, or support of any particular church; therefore, a wide variety of denominations and beliefs are represented within the Hillcrest family. Spiritual life at Hillcrest Christian involves the classroom, the playing field, and the halls everyday, in addition to programs and classes which are available.

Fundamental to the development of this type of atmosphere are the Christian values presented by the character and conduct of the headmaster, the faculty, and the leadership of the school. While the religious beliefs of each individual will be respected, the school primarily seeks to encourage a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Each student must take required Bible classes and attend Spiritual Life (chapel) assemblies. We encourage voluntary participation in other spiritual activities such as Bible studies and retreats.

Spiritual Life / Chapel assemblies are scheduled each week in the upper school. Assembly topics include devotions given by faculty, staff, seniors, and guest speakers, as well as topics of local concern. Hillcrest Christian also hosts a variety of faith-based events throughout the year, including Spiritual Emphasis Week.