Hillcrest loves grandparents!

On Wednesday, February 13th, Hillcrest’s Lower School hosted a very special program to honor some very special people in our students’ lives. Grandparents were treated to songs and artwork from each grade, and snacks served by the 6th grade; plus, they were invited to join our brand new “Grand Cougar Club.” Over 165 grandparents attended, and we look forward to this program growing bigger each year!

“When God created grandparents, the world was truly blessed with all the special joys that make a family happiest…. For grandparents know how to do the things that warm a heart. They touch our lives with loving care right from the very start. Grandparents make the world a little softer, a little kinder, a little warmer.”

K-5 Cuteness Overload

The Christmas season has ended, but we can still enjoy some of the memories captured during the holidays. For instance, on December 7th our K3, K4, and K5 classes participated in Breakfast with Santa. They were allowed to wear pajamas, and they ate breakfast with Santa Claus! Mrs. Osborne’s class is pictured below.

Dynamite Dictionary Donations

Our third-grade class was excited to welcome the Rotary Club of South Hinds County on Monday. Led by club President Don Davis, members spoke about Rotary’s mission and donated a dictionary to each child. One highlight of the visit was the students’ trying to say the longest published word in the English language, which has 1,909 letters!

Quiz Bowl Won’t Quit

Congratulations to the Hillcrest Quiz Bowl team! In their matches yesterday at Mississippi College, they won against Lanier High School, but then lost in their second round to PCA. Team members will continue to practice for MAIS competition later this school year, when they plan to make a big comeback.