Hillcrest’s Heroes

Our K3 and K5 students presented a program about superheroes this morning; before it ended, they realized that while superheroes are great, Jesus is our number-one hero in real life.

After the program concluded, the entire Lower School student body and faculty recognized our favorite Hillcrest hero, Mr. Steve! Today is his birthday, and they sang “Happy Birthday” to celebrate his special day and to show him how much we love him.

K-4 “Hoppy” to Perform!

Last Friday, our K4 students performed in a program called “The Wide Mouthed Frog,” about a mother frog who decides to ask other animals (such as monkeys, elephants, and lions) what they eat for dinner. Each gives her an answer, but when she asks a crocodile, he answers, “I eat wide mouthed frogs.” Then, the mother and her babies hop away as fast as they can, while the crocodile tries to get them. When he doesn’t catch them, he replies, “Aww shucks, I’ll get them next time.” The play ended with a few songs such as “Curiosity Can Kill a Cat,” “Talking, Talking, Talking Way Too Much,” and “Sometimes It Is Best to Forget the Rest and Just Let You Be You.”

Hillcrest Loves Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is always fun in the Lower School, with parties, love-themed activities and crafts, cards for friends, and LOTS of sugary treats. (Sorry, parents!) Mrs. Engels’ 2nd graders showed their Valentine’s Day spirit by wearing the colors of the day.

In the Junior High, Mrs. Harwell uses Valentine’s Day each year to hold a giant birthday party, celebrating all of her students’ special days and showing her love for them.

Above all, however, at Hillcrest we strive to remember that Valentine’s Day — and every day — is possible because God loved us first and loves us still.

Quiz Bowl’s Quest to Win

Congratulations to the Hillcrest Quiz Bowl team for their outstanding performance in last Friday’s MAIS Quiz Bowl competition at Park Place Academy in Pearl. They defeated Benton Academy and MRA before losing to Laurel Christian in the semi-finals.

Front Row (L to R): Abigail Browning, Amber Speegle, Sarah Grace Brownlee, Beth Hammill, and Jessica Bewley; Back Row (L to R): JoJo Moss, Jared Bewley, Gage Mitchell, and Luke Tynes