Fourth Grade Field Trip Fun

The fourth grade class boarded the bus at 6:30 Monday morning for their trip to New Orleans. First, they visited the Insectarium/Butterfly Garden. The students were able to touch the second largest type of centipede, and saw many beautiful butterflies, but they enjoyed sampling a variety of flavored bugs at the “Bug Cafe” best of all. Next, they visited the Aquarium, where they saw jellyfish, sea turtles, and sharks. The students were even able to pet a stingray. Mrs. Stegall says, “In science we learned that God created sea creatures on the fifth day, and each creature has what it needs for survival in its environment. From the tiny ant to the large shark, the whole trip reminded us what a great God we have.”

New Computer Course Offerings

As Upper School students continue to think about the courses they need and want to take during the next school year, we would like to point out a new technology offering that we hope many of them will sign up for: Computer science classes will unlock a new future for students. In our modern world, it’s no longer enough to learn how to use technology; learning what goes into building technology is a foundational skill. No matter what career a student wants to pursue, a background in computer science will be relevant. In our new classes, students will begin to create programs, games, and apps that can help their communities today! Whether they build a game for a younger sibling, create an app that keeps track of a family schedule, or make a webpage to organize a community event, students will learn the basics of the technology that’s changing the world.

Choosing Classes

Hard to believe, but it’s time for students to think about the courses they want (and need!) to take next school year! Today, the Upper School had an activity period in which a few new course offerings were explained, and then students received their course choice sheets and had the opportunity to ask teachers questions about anything they did not understand.

Parents, please be sure to talk with your children about this, as it is critical that students (especially beginning in 9th grade) take the correct courses needed for graduation. Also, your signature is required before they can return their choice sheets to the school counselor.

Two Future Pharmacists

The University of Mississippi’s Early Entry Program allows highly-qualified high school seniors to avoid the competitive selection process for regular admission in the professional pharmacy program and guarantees them a place upon completion of three years of pre-pharmacy coursework. If they complete 3 years of pre-pharmacy and the first year of professional curriculum, they will receive a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree. They must then complete 3 additional years of study and take the national licensure exam in order to earn a Pharm.D. degree and practice pharmacy.

Acceptance into the Early Entry Program is based on two primary factors: an ACT score of at least 25 and high school grade-point average. Extra-curricular activities and leadership, as well as performance during a campus interview, are also considered. Furthermore, enrollment in the freshman early entry class is capped.

Hillcrest is proud to claim 2 members of the Class of 2018 who have been accepted into this prestigious and very competitive program. Congratulations to Isaiah Brown and Bruce Reed for their hard work and dedication throughout high school, which has placed each young man on the path to becoming a doctor of pharmacy!