Semester Exam Schedule

Friday, December 14 = 1st & 2nd periods
Monday, December 17 = 3rd & 4th periods
Tuesday, December 18 = 5th & 6th periods
Wednesday, December 19 = 7th period & make-ups

The first exam begins each morning at 8:00 and ends at 9:30. The second exam begins at 10:00 and ends at 11:30, at which time school is dismissed for the day.

If students miss an exam due to illness or emergency, they must contact the teacher and plan to take the exam Wednesday or at another agreed-upon time.

Students may not leave campus between exams; however, if they only have one exam on a day, they should only come to school at that time.

AR Tailgate Party

Congratulations to the following Lower School students for earning their way onto the Accelerated Reader Wall of Fame during the first 9 weeks! In order to qualify, they had to earn 25 A.R. points in the first term, and then they were invited to a “tailgate party” celebration.

1st Grade: Mariah Loving, Sharri Moore, Hannah Morton, and Jessica Tran

3rd Grade: Annalise Beard, Michael Lacey, Sophia Nino, and Deeya Sharma

4th Grade: Brooke Cadwallader, Silas Chambers, Diarra Davis, Dylan Harris, A’niya Morris, Mason Oexman, Mary Grace Tomlinson, Layla Williams, Mercie Wilson, and Colby Zillinger

5th Grade: Ivy Bankston, Kannon Cowart, Kayla Epperson, Teagan Hammond, Campbell Hargett, London McKenzie, Savannah Morton, Dhvani Patel, Jayden Rhymes, and Makenzie Ward

6th Grade: Dominique Austin, Bert Burns, Lily Dumas, Jillian Hall, Reba Lee, Jordyn McGee, and Brandon Turner

Way to go!!