Thank You, Veterans

The Hillcrest family was proud to celebrate Veterans last Friday with a special breakfast, then a program with music, poetry, and artwork from our Lower School students. We can never repay all they have done in service to our nation, but we can, and do, say “Thank You.” Happy Veterans’ Day!

Celebrating Veterans and Service Members

Hillcrest students and parents, please helps us honor the men and women who have given so much in service to our great nation. Invite any and all friends, family, church members, and neighbors who were or are currently in the military to join us this Friday for a special breakfast and program celebrating them.

Breakfast will be served to veterans and servicemen and women beginning at 8:15 in the Upper School Library. The program will begin at 9:15 in the Upper School Gym, and everyone — HCS family, extended family members, friends, local community — is invited!

Patriot’s Day 2018

Adults may find it difficult to believe that 17 years have passed since 9/11 — the single deadliest attack on American soil in our nation’s history. Most members of Hillcrest’s senior class were born that year; as a result, many of our students do not understand the impact that day — on which nearly 3,000 people lost their lives when terrorists hijacked 4 commercial airplanes — had on Americans, even those who were not directly affected by losing a loved one.

In a news article entitled “7 Ways to Remember 9/11,” reporter Cillian Zeal states, “Life in this country has changed immeasurably in those 17 years. We’re now more conscious of what it takes to keep our country secure from similar incidents. We’ve seen amazing patriotism blossom from unbelievable tragedy. And every year, we find new ways of remembering 9/11 — both the incredible destruction caused and those who were left behind.”

In an effort to ensure that our students never forget the sacrifices made on that day and every day since, 11th-and-12th-grade history teacher Ms. Gail Flemmons spoke with our 5th-and-6th-grade students today about 9/11. She shared events of that day, stories of those who willingly worked to save others, and some of the more iconic pictures of the Twin Towers and other affected areas. Ms. Flemmons also made time at the end of her presentation for students to ask questions, and she says that they had plenty of them.

Every HCS teacher (of our older students who are able to understand and not to be unnecessarily scared) has been encouraged to discuss 9/11 as part of their lessons today and to encourage our students not only to remember, but to celebrate first responders and to serve others as a way to honor those who needlessly died that day. This is our duty as Christians, as Psalm 82:3-4 states, “Defend the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy; rescue them out of the hand of the wicked.”

Lower School Students of the Month

Lower School has recently begun a Student of the Month program, and last Wednesday was the first time these special students were honored. Each teacher nominates a student who regularly sets a Christ-like example, and they are then treated to a breakfast after chapel.  The students are shown in the picture above, from left to right: Front row—Rivers Bankston, Kylie Mosley, Dailah Collins, Tate Hammond, and Ella Smith. Back row—Amante Edmond, Cole James, Kayla Epperson, Jay Shuff, Mary Grace Tomlinson, Deeya Sharma, Molly Godbold, Madison Cooley, and Diarra Hicks.

Congratulations, and keep sharing Jesus in the way you live each day!