Uniform Store SALE!

The Hillcrest uniform resale store is having a Winter Sale!

When: Wednesday, January 3rd, 3:00 to 5:30 PM

Where: Lower School, right hall

Come by and load up on your cold-weather clothing needs!

New Security Measures

Beginning today, students must wear their new ID badges to get into the main school buildings; this is one of several upcoming additions to our campus in order to ensure student safety.  Doors will remain locked throughout the school day.  Parents, you will have to “buzz in,” using a button outside the front doors, and identify yourself in order to get into the school as well.

Please help us ensure that your students bring and wear their badges (in the protective plastic pouch!) daily; if they have to get a replacement, it will cost $10. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we try to keep our students safe.

Uniform Resale Store

The Uniform Resale Store has moved! It’s now located in the lower school building. There will be a sale from current inventory TOMORROW, Wednesday, November 8th.  And, it’s just in time to buy HCS jackets for the (hopefully!) incoming cool weather!

There will be another sale (date TBA) following restocking.