How to Help Your Kids Be Better Students

We have made it through the first term of school, and teachers and students alike have gotten “into a groove” now. However, teachers across the nation have learned a few things about how to help your children be successful in school; in a 2012 article by Mari-Jane Williams, the Washington Post asked teachers in several school systems what parents can do to help their children be better students. Here are some excerpts from what they had to say:

1. Let your child see you making mistakes

Karen Stamp, a kindergarten teacher, said parents need to remember “that they are their child’s first teacher and their lifetime teacher…. Make mistakes, and let them see that you can make mistakes and laugh at it so they will think it’s not a big deal and you can move on easily,” Stamp said.

2. Use e-mail to keep in touch

E-mail is a great way to reach your child’s teacher without having to play phone tag, said Caitlin Liston, a sixth-grade science teacher.  “E-mail is great for teachers because we can have a record of a conversation or print things out to put in a student’s file as a reminder,” Liston said.  That communication shouldn’t be limited to when there’s a problem, said Tammie Ferguson, a first-grade teacher. It’s also “very refreshing for teachers to hear that their students are talking about what they’ve learned in school.”

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Eclipse – Important Information

While the faculty and administration of Hillcrest understand the excitement and educational opportunity surrounding Monday’s rare total eclipse, due to the danger of possible permanent eye damage, students will not be allowed to view the event while at school.  HCS cannot guarantee the absolute safety of all our students, even if they have the appropriate glasses.

Parents, if you wish for your child to see this event first-hand, please consider checking him or her out from school.  And, for more information, check out NASA’s website dedicated to this event.

Class Rings Are Coming!!

Junior Students and Parents: Herff-Jones will be coming to Hillcrest TUESDAY in order to deliver class rings!!  Anyone who ordered last year will meet in the library during break to pick up his or her order.

Please be aware that only those who have already paid in full, or who bring money Tuesday to pay the remainder of the balance due, will be allowed to get their rings that day.  Contact Mrs. Bridges if you have any questions; she can tell you how to get in touch with our representative.

Class Schedules Pick-Up

Upper School students will pick up class schedules (which will also list their locker numbers) in the front foyer of the high school building on Friday, August 4th, between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM.  Student Council members will be there to pass out schedules, as well as to give tours to new students who would like to find their classrooms and meet their teachers.

One more reminder to parents: If you haven’t already done so, please sign up now for the new cafeteria payment system, using this link and the instructions document under the “Forms, Documents & Links” header on this page’s sidebar.  The school cafeterias will not handle cash this year, so this is a required step if your child plans to buy lunch or food at any time.