Graduation Requirements

Requirements for Graduation

English 4 units 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th 
Math 4 units Required: Algebra I & II and Geometry + 1 optional math
Science 4 units Required: Biology I & Chemistry + 2 optional sciences
History 4 units Introduction to World Geography/MS Studies, World History, US History, Economics and Government
Bible 2 units Required: 1 semester each year
Foreign Language 1 unit
Advanced Elective 1 unit 2nd year of foreign language, 5th-year math (College Algebra), 5th-year science, or 5th-year English (Dual Credit English Comp. I and II)
Technology 1 unit
Fine Arts 1 unit Art, Music Appreciation, Survey of Fine Arts, or Band
Electives 2 units


 24 units

Community Service
40 hours of community service are required for graduation (or 10 hours per year of high school attendance for transfers).

College Acceptance
In order to receive a diploma, seniors must turn in an official college acceptance letter to the guidance counselor.