Christmas Mission Projects

“Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.” – Deuteronomy 15:10

This year to share our giving spirit at Christmas time, HCS students and families are being asked to help two very worthwhile charities: Mission Byram and Toys for Tots.

Mission Byram is a service provided by Country Woods Baptist Church; its aim is to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of struggling people in the community through one-on-one biblical counsel, prayer, and physical provision. After receiving counsel, each client is offered the opportunity to shop for food and clothing. Mission Byram is currently ministering to over 500 people per month. For more information, visit the Country Woods Baptist Church website.

Toys for Tots is sponsored by the U.S. Marine Corps and committed to helping all children experience the joy of Christmas. No child should have to wake up on Christmas morning without a gift. Your support will help touch the lives of many less fortunate children.

We are asking each Hillcrest student to bring one of the following:

1. non-perishable food items in support of Mission Byram


2. new, unwrapped toys in support of Toys for Tots

Please bring items to the front lobby of either the Lower or Upper school by Monday. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Reading Fair Is Rad!

Tuesday, November 28th, the Lower School held its annual Reading Fair, giving students an opportunity to share their favorite books and to gain a better understanding of elements of literature. They then creatively displayed the book’s most important features on a storyboard; as part of their presentation, readers also dressed up as a favorite character from the book. Reading Fair also helps students grow comfortable with public speaking. Most of all, however, it’s a ton of fun.

Waiting Is Not a Waste of Time

Today during Upper School chapel, our very own Ms. Stovall brought a message about God’s timing. She read the first 14 verses of Jeremiah 29, in which the Israelites are told that they will have to wait in captivity for 70 years before they are able to return to their homeland and receive the blessings God has promised them. Ms. Stovall reminded us that though our human nature is impatient, “With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness….” – 2 Peter 3:8 – 9.

Ms. Stovall understands this well. For some time now, she has felt the Lord’s leading her to work in international missions. Toward the end of last school year, she took steps to make that happen; however, God has not yet opened those doors for her. And though she does not really know why God is asking her to wait, she knows (and reminded us) that this time is not wasted. God still wants us to work for His glory and to grow in His will and His word while we wait. We cannot know exactly what our futures hold, nor can we force it to unfold on our terms and our timing, but we can trust that the One who holds the future has greater plans for us than we can fathom.

Hillcrest family, please pray for Ms. Stovall as she continues to seek the Lord’s will for her life, and that her time here at HCS will continue to bless everyone whose lives she touches.

Buckets and Breaking Ankles

Basketball season is back, and our teams need the support of their Cougar fans! Today’s games are at East Rankin Academy — J.V. girls begin playing at 4:00 PM. We will play at home on Thursday, again starting with J.V. girls at 4:00 PM, facing off against Jackson Prep.

New Security Measures

Beginning today, students must wear their new ID badges to get into the main school buildings; this is one of several upcoming additions to our campus in order to ensure student safety.  Doors will remain locked throughout the school day.  Parents, you will have to “buzz in,” using a button outside the front doors, and identify yourself in order to get into the school as well.

Please help us ensure that your students bring and wear their badges (in the protective plastic pouch!) daily; if they have to get a replacement, it will cost $10. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we try to keep our students safe.