Technology in the Classroom

One of the newest technological additions to the Upper School is a computer cart.  In the past, when project and research paper season came around, teachers would have to reserve the computer lab for their classes, take all necessary materials with them, and create seating charts; students would also have to remember to go to a different location and to take different supplies with them.  In other words, it often became quite a hassle for students and teachers alike.

This year, Upper School has a cart containing laptop computers which teachers can reserve and roll to their classrooms, and it is greatly appreciated by everyone!  Check out some members of the sophomore class, who recently used the computer cart to work on narrative essays in Writing Skills:

Lower School Book Fair

Book Fair is always a favorite time of year for our Lower School students, and to kick off this year’s event, students were greeted by Clifford, the big red dog!

Parents: On Wednesday, October 4th, you are encouraged to join us before school begins that day to participate in Family Day, where you can enter your student’s name for a chance to win books, posters, and other prizes. The book fair will be available in the Lower School library through Tuesday, October 10th.

Kindergarten T Party

Last week the K-5 classes celebrated the letter T, along with their knowledge of good table manners, by having a tea party complete with everything T: turkey sandwiches, tangerines, tortilla chip nachos, Teddy Grahams, Tootsie rolls, and Tang orange drink!  They also practiced using good manners at the table.  But the most fun part of the day was dressing up in fancy attire (top hats, bow ties, dresses, boas, heels, tiaras).