Field Day Fun

Last week the Lower School held its annual May Day program, followed by the event which all elementary students look forward to each year: Field Day. The festivities began with the Pledge 4 Hope fun run, and then, everyone played their way through a wide variety of safari-themed games.  Special thanks go to Coach Mary Horne, who organizes this event every year so that it runs smoothly, but more importantly, so that our students are guaranteed the maximum amount of fun!

Math and Science Tournament Achievers

In February, more than 1,000 Mississippi high school students converged on Mississippi College to take tests and compete for scholarships at the Mississippi Science and Mathematics Tournament.  Talented math and science students completed 50-minute written exams in biology, chemistry, computer science, math and physics.  They were competing not only for bragging rights, but also for academic scholarships to MC: all those who place in the top 20 percent on each test are offered scholarships.

Hillcrest sent 10 students to compete in the subjects of Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry.  Our highest scores in each of these areas were earned by Kaylyn Turner, JoJo Moss, and Madelyn Banks. Kaylyn and JoJo both scored in the top 35 percent in Mathematics!