Semester Exam Schedule

Friday, December 14 = 1st & 2nd periods
Monday, December 17 = 3rd & 4th periods
Tuesday, December 18 = 5th & 6th periods
Wednesday, December 19 = 7th period & make-ups

The first exam begins each morning at 8:00 and ends at 9:30. The second exam begins at 10:00 and ends at 11:30, at which time school is dismissed for the day.

If students miss an exam due to illness or emergency, they must contact the teacher and plan to take the exam Wednesday or at another agreed-upon time.

Students may not leave campus between exams; however, if they only have one exam on a day, they should only come to school at that time.

Dynamite Dictionary Donations

Our third-grade class was excited to welcome the Rotary Club of South Hinds County on Monday. Led by club President Don Davis, members spoke about Rotary’s mission and donated a dictionary to each child. One highlight of the visit was the students’ trying to say the longest published word in the English language, which has 1,909 letters!