Student Spotlight – Katelyn Wyatt

Katelyn Wyatt has been a Hillcrest Cougar since K-3, meaning that for 15 years, HCS has been her second home.  Now in her senior year, Katelyn is a member of National Honor Society; she serves as reporter for Mu Alpha Theta, the honors organization for math; and she is the clarinet section leader for the One Spirit One Sound band.  Wyatt can often be found in Hillcrest’s library, scouring the shelves for a title which is both unfamiliar and intriguing, though this is becoming rather difficult for this prolific reader. When asked about her love of reading historical fiction and fantasy, Katelyn states, “Through reading books, I can fly, time-travel, or do anything I wouldn’t normally be able to do.  I enjoy learning about and exploring different places, even if they are only make believe.


When she’s not on campus, Katelyn enjoys “rocking out” to the band Skillet with her brother, scouring Pinterest, and dancing, which is yet another important aspect of her life and one which she has been practicing for as long as she can remember.  She takes ballet and pointe classes two nights a week and claims, “I love how ballet is freeing, elegant, and has been around for centuries.”


Katelyn believes her imagination and her loyalty to those whom she loves to be her greatest strengths along with her positive attitude, which always leads her to try to find joy in every situation.  This sense of joy is further motivated by the knowledge gained in her favorite Bible verses, Luke 23:42-43: “And he said, ‘Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.’ And He said to him, ‘Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.’” Katelyn says these verses remind her that “as a Christian, I can look forward to being with Christ in Heaven.”  Wyatt also looks forward to attending Mississippi State University after graduation, and she plans to major in history.

HCS Promotes the Vote

Today during their morning break, Hillcrest’s Upper School students took part in a mock Presidential election as part of the Secretary of State’s “Promote the Vote” campaign.  Student Body officers monitored the voting and collecting of ballots.


Promote the Vote is a non-partisan program created to teach the fundamentals of American democracy to students while also encouraging them to practice their civic responsibilities. The program further seeks to help students improve their decision-making abilities and increase their interest and enthusiasm in current political issues. The ultimate goal is to empower a new generation of voters.


The Secretary of State’s office organizes this statewide mock election in which students vote for our next U.S. President. In years past, the student vote has closely mirrored results statewide and presents an eye-opening view of the election just weeks before the real polls open.

Fall Festival Tomorrow!

Please make plans to come out tomorrow night for fun and fellowship in the beautiful fall weather …and bring some friends!


Don’t forget: Those who bought Fall Festival t-shirts may wear them every Tuesday in the month of November.

Football Season Finale

The Cougar football team will play their final game of the 2016 season tonight at Parklane Academy in McComb.  It will be a bittersweet night for our senior team members and their families, and as always, these young men have pushed themselves to perform better each and every week for the past several months.


Similarly, tonight marks the last time our senior band members will perform during halftime, and their show “Light” — a moving interpretation of God’s creation of the world — received numerous awards at three different competitions this season.


Hillcrest family, please come out to Parklane beginning at 7:00 tonight to show your support one more time for all of these hard-working athletes!

Student Spotlight – Kofi Quartey

Senior Kofi Quartey, a member of Hillcrest’s winning Envirothon team, has established his reputation of having a unique sense of style during his five years on campus.  When asked why this distinction is important to him, Kofi replies, “Everyone should be proud of their individualism.” He further believes that you cannot be your own person if you’re simply going to copy everyone else.


This individuality extends into other areas of Quartey’s life, as well.  He is, at various times, either quite outspoken or quietly reserved; however, his attitude is always good-natured and courteous. In fact, he considers his attitude to be his best quality.  Kofi affirms, “I try to approach every situation with a positive outlook.”  To that end, his favorite Bible verse explains that the best way to remain positive is through Christ-like love; Romans 13:8 states, “Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.”  He believes this verse is always relevant, even in unforeseen circumstances, which Kofi reminds his peers to be prepared for.  His advice to them is to “Expect the unexpected.”


Though he works hard at school to maintain above-average grades, in his free time Kofi likes to relax; he enjoys watching Netflix, playing video games, and hanging out with his closest friends.  After graduation, he plans to major in biology in college and to study abroad for a few years.  Ultimately, Kofi wants to attend medical school to become an anesthesiologist.