Uniform Overview

The basis for the HCS dress code is the spiritual and moral guidelines of Godliness and cleanliness. Students are expected to observe certain standards of hygiene and personal appearance. Student appearance should enhance a Christian’s testimony of life, adhering to biblical principals rather than to worldly standards. Since our attention is focused on educational pursuits, students are expected to dress appropriately at all school functions. Parents should ensure that their children conform strictly to the HCS dress code.

The HCS dress code is intended to provide guidelines for determining appropriate student appearance. However, school officials have discretion in determining the appropriateness of student attire. In the event a student is “technically in compliance with the dress code,” but school officials determine that a student’s attire or appearance is immodest or inappropriate, appropriate corrective and/or disciplinary action will be taken.

When it is determined that a student is in violation of the dress code, the parents or legal guardian may be called to bring proper clothing, or the student may be sent home to make any needed alterations. Students who miss class will receive an unexcused absence, which carries a daily grade of zero for each class missed. Such unexcused absences may also prevent the student from participating in extracurricular activities for that day.

Students may wear a combination of any grade-appropriate and gender-appropriate approved uniform pieces (pants, shirts, skirts, etc.). The uniform as adopted may not be altered or changed in any way.

Note: Separate chapel-day uniforms are no longer required at any grade level.

K3-6th Grade Dress Code

7th-12th Grade Dress Code